M.Grey Designs

The world in patterns


The idea

Hi! I’m Molly Grey Ritter, creator of M.Grey Designs. Here’s a little bit more about myself:

My nickname growing up was destructo-child. I walked around with scissors in hand and aspired to one day become a paper shredder. Oddly, my destructive tendencies developed a creative energy over the years. My canvas progressed from the walls of my house to printer paper, and finally to watercolor block. Using bright colors, I started painting detailed patterns and prints. I am inspired by the simple yet beautiful patterns of the world around us and let what I observe guide my work.

My painting took another step forward when I discovered how to print my designs on fabric. I fell in love with textiles.  Having my designs as fabrics was so thrilling, but they were empty, without a purpose.  I felt like I had reached a limit.  But one day, my boyfriend Chris suggested that we turn my stockpile of fabrics into bow ties.  And from this notion, bringing fun and new designs to existing products, M.Grey Designs began.  I sewed the first two ties for him later that month.  Soon, I was making them for friends and family. 

What keeps me so excited about designing is the ubiquity of textiles. Every garment, every duvet cover, and every upholstered piece begins with fabric, and I can't wait to explore all of it. 


We really love what we do and cannot thank you enough for your support and interest. Please stay in touch!