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What is a Prothonotary?!

Molly Ritter
Molly with the DBA in front the Delaware Superior Court 

Molly with the DBA in front the Delaware Superior Court 


I wanted to give you all an update on our progress:

Molly and I are pretty normal people, so when we started making bow ties out of her fabrics we could have never envisioned a trip to the Superior Court of Delaware or sitting with a banker at Wells Fargo to open a business checking account.  But a few days ago, we made these very trips.  

To answer the question posed in the title of this post, the Prothonotary is an office within the Superior Court that handles everything from bail bonds to business registration, luckily we were only there for the latter.  After filling out the necessary forms, parking on the street to save a couple bucks, going though security, being told we could not have phones in the building, leaving the building, entering security again, and taking the escalator one floor down, we had finally arrived at the Office of the Prothonotary, where "M. Grey Designs" was formally registered as a business (woohoo!).  

The next day, we had a morning meeting at Wells Fargo, the bank we decided to use for the company.  After of an hour of filling out the basic information of the business, endless complimentary bottles of water, and a series of questions to make sure we were not engaged in illicit activities, we had our bank account squared away.  

Throughout both meetings, I was deeply grateful for the enthusiasm the people around us afforded M. Grey Designs (especially the security guard who was a huge Heels fan).  Now legally registered and backed by Wells Fargo, we are so excited for what the future holds.  Big news coming soon, keep your ears open and check in on the blog!